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The site is in full compliance with 18 USC Section Virtual Girls. Great work. You and dalrock are bringing empiricism to the whatever-we-are-calling-it-these-days-sphere, and god bless it. Any chance you could make your source spreadsheet available? Best example: in , an active duty deployed soldier was busted for turning her tent into a brothel. Out of at final count men serviced, her personal count was the 12 guys who always out their penises inside of her vagina; even the men who occasionally limited themselves to non-PIV were excluded from her personal count.

Interestingly enough, her case is the primary reason for the U. Their logic: keeping large amounts of cash out of the hands of soldiers will prevent a case like this from happening again. While I and others have produced some evidence primarily from the GSS that tenuously indicates that this […]. Jayman, mate market value MMV or fitness is not correlated to fertility. The validity of your evolutionary explanations when you are trying to find statistics on number of children is preposterous. Due to modern birth control methods, these data are bullshit, and mating success is often used as a unuseful rate proxy.

You can not predict fitness and mating success; Number of children by man is only evolutionarily relevant in population of hunter-gatherers.

While real fitness is not related to reproductive outcomes, fertility does not predict mating succes or mate market value. Therefore your association between reproductive success in modern men is not mediated by differential access to fecund women. It does not reveal his success rate in mating market. It does not reveal his success rate, it reveals only the number to offspring by man. All this is only related to mate market value, e. For one, which men? How big a fraction of all men are we talking about?

Are biological drives not incentives? Men are continuing to marry and have children. Indeed, the most monogamous men may be having the most children. Considering the premium people today place on assortative mating, it is no wonder the age of marriage is rising: it simply takes that long to find the proper mate. The thing with gamers is that they had became obsessed with the desire to become that in-between period guy. The bottom line as a single 39 year old male who blew some good chances with some with nice girls in the past. Take advantage of your youth!

Now at my age the young girls barely look at me. Specifically, the Baby Boom was a brief period at least during the past years or so where […].


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Very interesting graphs. So nice to see someone put some numbers to all the speculation… Thanks! November 16, at pm GMT. Reason 3: The numbers should balance somehow. Number of partners data is totally bogus!!! Adding up all the bands means that men in the cohort had partners.

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What a bunch of liars!!! In the final analysis, assortative mating may turn out to trump all. December 1, at am GMT. Men lie upwards, women lie downwards. December 18, at pm GMT. December 28, at pm GMT. January 14, at pm GMT. JayMan's Blog. July 12, at pm GMT. March 4, at am GMT.

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