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Fiction Ideas. Non-Fiction Ideas. Children's Ideas. Christening Gifts. Romantic Gifts. Something Special. Makeup: Mary Ellen Darby. Stylist: Ailis Mara. By Willa Paskin. D o you know Anne Shirley?

You would like her. Everybody does. A lively and optimistic survivor with a feverish imagination and unchecked enthusiasms, she is a redheaded outsider who becomes an insider without forsaking her peculiarities or her intelligence. She is nearly years old.

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Over a period of years and a nearly endless series of scrapes — falling off roofs, dyeing her hair green, accidentally intoxicating her best friend — Anne transforms the hearts of everyone around her while making a home for herself. The book has sold over 50 million copies and has been translated into at least 36 languages. Anne is also, to use the blunt jargon of the entertainment business, a strong female character with a pre-existing fan base who recently entered the public domain: an adaptation waiting to happen — again.

The novel and its seven Montgomery-penned sequels have already spawned a silent movie, a talkie and more than half a dozen TV shows, including the particularly adored Canadian Broadcasting Corporation mini-series starring Megan Follows as Anne and a recently aired PBS version starring Martin Sheen as Matthew. Walley-Beckett wants to bring the long-term psychological explorations, story arcs and heady themes of virtuosic TV, as well as its production values, to bear on the lighthearted, primarily episodic novel.

The resulting seven-episode season, the first of a hoped-for five, all based on the first novel, is an amalgam of that which is expected from Anne Shirley her buoyancy and that which makes for prestigious television today her depths.

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She is easy to love. Everything about Anne — her disposition, her gender, her age, her provenance — is a rarity for acclaimed television. When I mentioned to Walley-Beckett that Anne is a straightforwardly winning character, her initial reaction was to defend her as if from an undermining charge. Can Anne Shirley, the yummy pleasure who has flourished by cheerfully gliding above her trauma, be transformed into an almost-antiheroine who, in the fashion of contemporary television, has to grapple with her awful past directly? And can she do so while remaining quintessentially Anne?

In late November, on the outskirts of Toronto, inside an exacting historical recreation of an s P. Oatmeal-colored laundry rested on a rack beside it. Canned fruits, dilly beans, baskets of parsnips, brussels sprouts and russet potatoes were among the fare in a fully stocked pantry. Dark wood desks were filled with letters ready to be mailed, addressed using quill and ink. Outside the green front door, after a small porch gave way to a yard but before that yard gave way to the poured-concrete floor of the factory, the earth was red.

Crushed bricks had been rolled out like a rusty red carpet, the color of the iron-rich sandstone soil of Prince Edward Island. At the farmstead, the crew painted and stripped the barn; turned its main floor into a hayloft; sank its electric wires underground; fenced in the paddock; added a porch, a roof and an attic onto the farmhouse; and planted a tall tree — now dead but stapled with a smattering of autumnal leaves — just outside, so Anne would have the cherry tree mentioned in the novel to stare at reverently from her bedroom window.

Anne of Green Gables

Walley-Beckett, who has lived in Los Angeles for the last two decades but was born and raised in and around Vancouver, is meticulous in the way of many accomplished creative people, whose imaginations are matched only by a fanatical patience for detail work. They were smaller than supermarket behemoths but otherwise unremarkable.

She looked on as, in the scene, Anne both lets loose her imagination and is brought up painfully by her past. Perched on a tabletop, Anne stares into a pewter plate as if it were a mirror, imagining herself to be a Princess Cordelia, talking to her servant Griselda about a new ball gown. How awful it would be to be in service to people who neglect you and treat you unkindly. I imagine it would make you feel quite small and hopeless and occasionally despairing and sometimes lacking in confidence. I wonder if those feelings ever go away.