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Probably about 20 years worth of working a typical Corporate job. Running a business requires passion because of how much work it is. This is my perspective. The money-centric part of the blogosphere seems to be a bit fishy to me. There are people making thousands of dollars a month via their blogs telling others how to make thousands of dollars a month.

How to Make Money with Your Blog in 12222

Get ready to think in this next sentence. They make money by selling the products that help them sell products to make money. There are those who make money by providing awesome content — like Steve Pavlina.

Make Money Blogging – Just Like Me!

But some others seem to have much in common with the get rich quick schemers. It bothers me that most of the people I see making a lot of money online are the ones talking about making money online. I and many other bloggers are working our socks off to provide amazing, original content — but how many are getting the appropriate financial return? I assume less than the ones who blog about making money. I intend to make an honest living doing what I love this. I happily removed adsense with the plan to make money by creating extraordinary content and selling it. Strangely enough, how I market these products will affect sales 10x more than their actual quality, except if word-of-mouth gets going.

It is an interesting field and there are some great blogs in this niche. Sure you can get rich blogging, the same way you get rich doing anything else. Tons of hard work and a bit of luck.

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I do not agree at all. My blog was started a couple months back, and it is starting to make some decent money with adsense and clickbank.


I do sell my own ebook on my blog, but I do not draw serious attention to it. The trick to getting rich blogging is to create one thousand posts, and more and more so that they get indexed by Google and in comes the traffic.

How To Make Money Blogging $20,000 Per Month

But SEO and Web 2. They invested their time, money and sweat in it.

Get Rich With: Blogging?

Secondly, its more difficult to generate money now because competition is so fierce than it was 5 years ago. So establishing your blog is big thing. But I guess you can make decent money if you maintain more than 1 blog at a time.

But this has to happen over a period of time, otherwise you will end up messing everything and not focusing on any single blog. Unfortunately, it is starting to feel like a majority of the blogs out there are created out of pure greed, with the only goal of being profitable. I think if you can figure out a way to go with your blog and work hard at keeping things going and always improving it you should be able to make a lot of money down the road.

It may not be even a few years but could eventually definitely happen. Having something unique and valuable to a reader is the key no matter what your blog is about. Not easy, but hard will does pay off, and sometimes it does not. You have to be aware of what is not working and be willing to change things around. However, 5 years ago none of this was possible for regular folks like me, and now I respect the potential for money to be made online. Getting rich through blogging requires a lot of hardwork and dedication plus add to that being patience.

Those who are getting are those who are not quitting and always innovating. Talk about a huge lightyear of disparity. Yeah — it is easy to make some money from blogging these days but it is hard to make lot of money trough it. I agree. If not, you are doomed from the start. My blog is very new.

Just 25 days old. I make few dollars from it. I have to work hard to make money from my blog. There are some who gets rich and most went nowhere. I agree, the most profitable blogs are the ones that have products to sell. That said, if you dream is to write about a particular topic, than you can build your online profile and eventually write for larger posts. I do think people get rich blogging — Yaro Starak and Darren Rowse are good examples.

But it takes work and years to get your blog highly ranked with lots amounts of traffic. You need about targeted visitors a day to make 1 sale a day.

Get Rich Blogging: Fact or Fiction?

I agree with some of the other comments. It really depends on the person. The amount of time, content, marketing skills and building a list of subscribers.