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MLA Style "Earn. In YourDictionary. All rights reserved. To acquire or deserve as a result of effort or action: She earned a reputation as a hard worker. To yield as return or profit: a savings account that earns interest on deposited funds.

earn one's keep

Verb third-person singular simple present earns, present participle earning, simple past and past participle earned To gain success, reward, recognition through applied effort or work. You can have the s'mores: you earned them, clearing the walkway of snow so well. Answers Relevance. Rating Newest Oldest. Source s :.

Add a comment. It probably originated during colonial times when muskets, gun powder, horses, and dogs were used to hunt for meat. In the present time, it means well prepared to fight, debate, discuss, take a test, give a speech, or provide evidence and testimony in the prosecution of a law suit. I first heard this expression when I was a child growing up in upstate New York. But I haven't heard it in the midwest, or the east, or the far west at all.

I may have used it myself when I was in the deep South. Earn Your Keep. Now when you have your own place you get to "keep what you earn" see what i mean??!! This Site Might Help You. Dick pressed his sleeve against his brow, wiping away a day's worth of sweat and dirt as he paused to take a drink of lukewarm, ionised water. He tried to ignore the taste as a flicker of movement near the south wall caught his attention.

He frowned, his eyes straining as he attempted to figure out what it was. Dick had just enough time to tense before a solid slap to the back of his head sent him stumbling into a dense patch of crops.

He heard a deafening crunch and felt a lead ball settle in his stomach. He instinctively turned his face away and felt hot rancid breath against his cheek. Every part of him wanted to lash out, but the consequences of laying his hands on one of the landowners would get him immediately thrown out of the steading. He had the boys to think of. None of them would survive on their own.

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Got something to say? Come on, look at me. Except when you think no one's looking. Eh, queer? He swallowed all of them. He broke off with a gasp as he was hoisted onto his tiptoes. The closeted prick. But instead of doing your job you were daydreaming again, and as a direct consequence you went and trampled one of the patches. We all rely on that food.

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You know that. What the hell else did he want?

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He was staring at something behind Dick and frowning. He reached down and grabbed his gun. His first thought was for his brothers. They were both still young enough to spend the majority of their days in lessons. He felt a hand grasp his ankle and flinched violently before he realised it was Tyler. The brute was reaching out for him, eyes wide and desperate. He tried to speak and blood bubbled out of his mouth. He looked terrified. Dick thought about all of the misery and abuse the other man had caused him and his family over the last five years.

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He thought of his brothers. They needed his help. They were his responsibility. For one fleeting moment he almost told Taylor he got what he deserved. He looked terrified and he was definitely bleeding out. If Dick left him he would die. He dropped to his stomach and grabbed the landowners straining hand. Dick tried to scream but all that escaped was a strangled sob. He rose unsteadily to his knees and flinched when a bullet hit the dirt less than a foot from where he was kneeling. He felt like a deer caught in the headlights. He realised that whoever had their sights set on him obviously had a very clear view.

He had nowhere to go, nowhere to hide.