I Love Jesus, I Hate Christianity

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Our every day actions are an advertisement for God. What are you selling the World? I wonder if I should invite her to church? Not unless you are friendly all year long. She may justifiably take it the wrong way. If she thinks you have an ulterior motive which you do, be honest and tell her exactly why. However you feel the Holy Spirit leading. Then if she is off put or negative, apologize that perhaps your not the best at approaching an idea and if she ever changes her mind great.

Smile and go home. Pray for her and let God use the seed you put forth to take root and grow. He promises the Word will never go void. For me, if this scenario of connecting with a person is not something that would happen regularly, then I need to examine my self. So, should you connect with this person? My only point is that it may require personal change. This may be that opportunity! Even the ones judging us as bad Christians are bad too. Just live your faith and in your failings repent and go forward.

God will help us all by taking the good and leaving the bad. Try to keep your eyes on Chris and not in your own strength. It will all sorts out on the end. Focus instead on God and Kingdom. Nobody even those seeing our mistakes are better. Refuse to see that stuff. The Christian Church that got me is far worse than your list I agree with. Totally wrecking my life. For years. Leaving me homeless on the street with medical issues and constantly craving suicide to evade them.

What is “first love?”

I have found there is no help for a person like me. I am a skilled professional and a very decent person. I helped a woman that had cancer for over six years. Only one date cancer free. I did not really know her, but she really needed my help. Called the Devil for it. Hence the name change. I have to please God first and foremost, then take care of myself so that I can care for others. However, I react to such with passionate anger. I do my best to be there for someone.

This is just an opinionated article anyhow. We were given the ability to make decisions for a reason and it is important that we think of Christ and make as many of our decisions as we can with him in our hearts and minds…though God knows as humans we will not ALWAYS do this and can only do our best- he only knows what our best is IMO , but we must put in the effort to follow his word. I agree…? Even Jesus and God have been unhappy with situations and have shown passion in those moments.

Christians are human like everyone else…. Jesus was the living example of that. Study, read, learn of him in the Bible. Seek as your life depends on it…. No, not a perfect life or easy life, but a life with him to help guide you through, and we ALL need that. No one has their life together…just look around…. I have found my faith again and have never had such a great relationship with Christ as I have since I cut out social media. Besides actual phone calls texting.. Social media is toxic, even as Christians trying to reach it to others it can be a tightrope walk.

I am so glad you have found this better space. I think having a healthy separation with social media can be a really good thing. Here it goes. I only recently found out that people who attend Baptist seminary have to sign some sort of wavier that they will never speak on these subjects to their congregation. How sad for God. I am judging right now because a pastor should never stand up in front of a crowd of people and say, We Believe the Word of God to be true, and then leave out the part about using the gifts of the Holy Spirit and making of disciples, which is part of the New Testament and New Covenant, which is all about Jesus.

The members of a church are under the umbrella of that Churches beliefs and therefore the members pick up that same belief system unknowingly and live their lives accordingly to their Pastors beliefs. Birds of the same feather do flock together. I am now a practicing Christian I deeply love Jesus and the Holy Spirit and people in the Charismatic and Evangelism movement and have seen and experienced some pretty amazing healing s and making of disciples that are happening within the Church.

But even so, there are prejudices within that following- as well. The one thing the Lord spoke to me about when coming back into the Kingdom of God was that I never could ever speak about how someone else teaches because that Judgment was left to Him alone. This made me more sensitive or alert to what people spoke on and taught about the Word of God to and audience. God never left me while I was out of the Church for those 17 years. This has made my heart hurt witnessing this within the Christian community. How confusing this is to Christians who are hearing it. I am sure I am judging right now!

I really need to get this off my chest. I do apologize if I am offending anyone with my comments. The Holy Spirit will condemn me if I am wrong. He is really good at reprimanding me and I am truly grateful that He does, because my heart belongs to Jesus and I want to do well because of His Love at the cross for all people.

What I have found is a group of really messed up and confused people who have a wide range of beliefs that are self limiting and hurtful to themselves and others all in the name of Jesus and all because they subscribe to a church that has taught them to believe the way they do, which creates separatism within the Christian community and non-Christian community. Like it or not, we will judge others and Christians do a bang up job doing just that.

My suggestion to Christians is to; Stop attending church, Stop listening to TV evangelist, and Stop watching YouTube Christian videos, Stop reading well intended books written by Christians, and Stop going to Christian events for a minimum of 1 year, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, teach you, and reprimand you when you do wrong so that you can become more like Jesus. I know that you will be refreshed and come out with better knowledge of what you should be doing or acting more like the way Jesus did. It is not easy to stop all of these Christian ways of doing.

You will learn a lot about who you are and the bad habits you picked up along your path back to God that are wrong. You will build a better relationship with God, a more loving relationship. Loving God means to be loyal and obedient to Him, not other Christians. You will have to deal with a lot of fear of not doing what you usually do for your Christian faith. The peace you will have in your heart once you get over yourself is greater and will last far longer than you have ever experienced at any other time in your Christian walk.

You will start loving All people the same way, which is a blow to your ego, but you will get over that too. After being away from the Church for 17 years, I sense there is Something is very wrong in the Christian community. There are over 30, off shoots of Christianity for 1 God? I know some of you will say that you start off on milk and then work your way up to the meat, therefore, there will be different teachings. There is only 1 Holy Spirit who is our teacher that was given to every Christian after Jesus died who will guide and strengthen you, and only 1 Holy Bible to learn about God wanting to have a relationship with people and how He did that.

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The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, which are all hard to have without Him, and in which I see very little of it within and outside the Christian community. I hope you can be gentle with your responses to my comment. I am only observing how Christians are and what they say they believe and how they became to believe what they believe about Jesus.

Yes, people are fallible and can teach incorrect things, but we need a balance between personal study and input from other believers — especially those who have walked with Christ longer than we have. And yes, Christians who love Jesus can disagree on different points and still be Christians. It does seem odd that all Christians worship the same God and have the same Holy Spirit to guide us, yet disagree on multiple points of interpretation.

Maybe this is a product of God giving us brains instead of making us robots. The important thing is to have unity within the truth of the gospel despite our differences. Matthew the tax-collector. Yet they all followed Christ and changed the world in His name. Terry, a Christian is never alone. They always have the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and God with them. I am only suggesting for you to stop everything that YOU are doing and spend some time with the Holy Spirit who will guide and teach you the right way of being.

As I said in my comment, it is hard to get over oneself and be alone with the Holy Spirit who will love you into doing what is right and not what some well meaning teacher says is right. I agree that time alone with the Spirit is important…maybe a weekend spent in solitude or even a week-long retreat as one sister I know has done this , but a whole year without interacting with other believers seems excessive.

Everything people say is a red flag, whether in the Bible or outside it, because people lie. You have to use your thinking organ to process it all, but that red flag is the beginning of the process, while you made it the end. You should be an atheist with such epistemology.

Hate Religion, Love Jesus

So why do you believe the Bible? Because your parents told you to? Maybe even an egg-laying Easter Bunny. For me, if I want to know if God said something, I just ask Him. What do you think Abraham and Moses would have done in the same situation? Read the Bible? My comment was made within the context of people inventing their own belief systems outside of scripture.

Not everyone who claims to have heard from God actually has, and Paul warned us that Satan can appear as an angel of light. Instead they are held accountable to a book that we can all read — or if not in cases of mass illiteracy they have judgment coming to them for misleading the people. I do think God still speaks to people today, in ways that are consistent with the gospel and His own character.

He tells missionaries where they should serve, whether someone should accept that new job in a different city, if that man or woman is the person someone should marry. So of course the Patriarchs did not have the Bible to fall back on, and their understanding of the coming Messiah would have been limited.

And the consistent theology over 6,? And in the case of any book, it helps to know the Author. It would seem from your comments to me and others here that your experiences with Christians and the Church in general have made you angry, cynical and jaded. That makes me sad for you, and I would hope that you find a group of genuine, Bible-believing and Bible-teaching Christians who will love on you, encourage you and help you grow in your knowledge of the scriptures so you can understand the gospel of Christ for what it is.

I would go yet further, Lisa, and leave the church altogether. They are the synagogues of the Pharisees. In His recorded mortal lifetime our Master never had a use for them. Conclusion: there is basically one thing Christians do that non Christians despise: — Being a human, just like everyone else, imperfect and full of flaws. It seems to me like we have to be some sort of super hero, all virtuous, spotless and without a blemish. The distinction of forgiveness is not intended to be elitist or merit-based, but a simple acknowledgment of our imperfection. Why would anyone need forgiveness if they were already perfect?

Anyone can be forgiven if they would simply ask. If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the one who sent me. If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin. Whoever hates me hates my Father as well.

If I had not done among them the works no one else did, they would not be guilty of sin. As it is, they have seen, and yet they have hated both me and my Father. This was an eye-opening article, but I had a lot of issues with it. First off, with the judging thing: there is a way to do this without it being a sin. The Bible calls us to let our brothers know when they are sinning. If they refuse to repent, it must be brought to the attention of the church elders, and they must talk about it with the person.

If the person still refuses to repent, it must be brought to the entire church. Given, this takes place within the church, the Bible literally commands us to talk to people who are adamantly sinning. This leads me to believe that, if someone decides to become a Christian but they, say, are a homosexual, or a klepto, or have a significant other that they are intimate with outside of marriage, it needs to be brought to their attention that this is a sin.

We cannot just ignore these things to allow corruption within the church. As for your comments on being a hypocrite, I thought that you were very accurate. We all sin, and we need to be much more willing to admit it than we are. However, I do feel that many Christians at least where I live are very humble! In my church, several people usually walk down the aisle every Sunday to confess their sins on their knees before the Lord. And as for the friendship part, it hit very close to home. Over the past year, I have tried very hard to create good relationships with some people at my school who pretty much hate God.

They are atheists and homosexuals and people who have denounced their faith, and I realized in reading this that I have somewhat treated them like projects. I mentioned faith in most of our conversations. However, I did invest in other parts of the relationships. The bad part to this is that someone saw me associating with these people and called my parents to tell me they thought that I was that way, too!

My parents got mad at me and accused me of being emo, etc. So overall, I thought your article was ok, and you definetly had some good points. But I hope that you yourself will try to draw closer to God and have a better relationship with Him before you go around writing Christian articles with almost no scripture references in them. And a little roast before I go you spent this whole article judging Christians. Just sayin. One line in your comment should be number one on this list and represents a lack of empathy, perspective, and willingness to understand by the majority of individuals following the abrahamic religions.

Douglass' Narrative

The assumption that non-believers in the god of abraham hate god. They do not. They see the god of abraham as a myth just like the multitudes of gods before and since, or as an all paths lead to the same place. That simple choice to demonize and dehumanize those who do not believe as you is the fundamental issue that creates a lot of the animosity. While seeking to understand has never really been the strength of many dogmatic doctrines and is getting worse as the majority dwindles in america.

What other religion can claim this? This is the message we have tried to share from the beginning, however imperfectly — a message that confirms human worth rather than devaluing it — but people still believe the lie that all paths lead to God. Perhaps we should have a deeper understanding of other faiths — and even atheism — for the sake of meaningful conversation, but our message will remain the same.

He said a lot, but he cited only one verse from scripture. This man loves his own voice, and his own opinions. Poor man, dragging many into hell with him. Moses never backed up anything with scripture either. I guess the ten commandments are out the window then. Jesus requires us to be born again.

We need to recognize that we are sinners in need of the Savoir. The Father draws us to the Son through the Holy Spirit. Faith comes through hearing the Word. Without the Holy Spirit opening our spiritual understanding we remain unable to understand. You are a finite being with a finite intellect so understanding the existence of an all powerful , all knowing being that always is in the present is beyond your current capability. A created being can not make sense of an infinite being without an intervention or drawing to Himself by His Spirit , though His Son.

IE your sins must be for given and a measure of faith given through His word so you can understand. I hope you do come to understand. How does it feel to be denegrated as you just attacked an entire body of people because they follow the teachings of Christ who is an excellent representation of the goals that all humans should work to attain. I truly believe that SOME non-christians like you feel the need to smear us in order to justify their own faith. Therein lies the real issue right? Maybe your faith is in evolution or aliens or perhaps it just rage at God, because you feel He abandoned you.

Whatever the reason, you certainly did not present a journalistic view. It was just a sarcastic ugly generalization of people that you have labelled under one umbrella. Oh wait. Elena stop being hateful. The author was simply trying to help christains become more christ like and non judgemental. The author did nothing wrong besides trying to help. You are an inspiration to this non-Christian. I find these qualities in some Christians, but also in people of other faiths, and they all inspire me to live the most meaningful and compassionate life I can.

I am moved by the evident hunger to emulate these qualities of Jesus in this column. I am dismayed by the judgementalism I read in these comments, however, and, ironically, here this judgementalism is most frequently aimed by Christians at other Christians with whom they disagree on some finer point of doctrine, eschatology, or politics. I doubt that Jesus rejected anybody because of their beliefs and it is unsettling to see his followers reject each other — and everybody else — based on belief.

The obvious correlate of love and humility has to include the acceptance that our opinions are sometimes inevitably wrong, and therefore to make love and respect the foundation of our interactions with others, rather than seeing them an enemy combatants on a battlefield of belief.

They have brains and can make up their own minds and opinions. Sorry about the politics but you can not have a discussion on religion and leave out politics. If i did happen to agree with you, your 3 reasons are the most innocent that its a joke. What i mean by that is, are you really gonna despise Christianity over these 3 things you stated?

What did they call us? Just to tell from another perspective. I think you should have read Quran, hadiths and Sira before posting your comment. The ignorance is very dangerous nowadays. Jesus said, in the presence of His own sainted disciples and the land of His own blessed virgin mother Mary, that a pagan Roman centurion had more faith than everyone in Israel.

You could be the truest of His disciples on this entire comment section. I certainly recognize you as a brother and fully expect to see you in the coming heaven, even just as you are now. The falsehood of the churches is revealed in that they do not make their congregants better people, and they do not change the world. Jenni with the good hair, you have a lot of comments on here.

Just like Apostle Paul! Jesus the son of God is who we call savior, master, friend, brother, and Lord. Believe it or not, everything that is proposed to happen in this world, will happen. For those of us who are in the body of christ already: never depart from the Bible, I beg of you. It is indispensable! Before you read it, pray one simple prayer: Lord, as I read this, open my eyes of understanding, and open my heart of acceptance. Let me not be led astray. Anyone who is not Christian, and who also understands the intricate workings of the powers of good and evil at play in the world and the place of the supernatural, will attest to this; things are so much bigger than what we see.

It has always been that way, and it will always be that way. As far as controversies go… just like Christ intended Christianity will never be forced on anybody. Jesus offered a path, a solution, a promo offer if you will , and a suggestion. But wait.. Remember this and remain blessed beloved.

Yes, as believers in Christ we have an ultimate guide book…. We are imperfect people who need a perfect Father to guide us in what is right and true. Often our emotions get in the way and we can get confused. God is not the author of confusion…. It is a simple plan he has left for all of us to choose, or not to choose…. To put this off for any reason is to make the most important decision of your life not possible for you. We spend so much time wasting away when we could just look into the Bible and teachings of Jesus and our lives can be changed forever….. May I submit to you that if you honestly believe that you are a hypocrite that you need to be born again.

The trouble with that statement is that it disavows the new nature that you have been given. To put it frankly you have defiled or condemned yourself with your own words. You started out well when you rightly said that many of us judge people and condemn them I know that I have been guilty of the same.

However, what you have followed up with flies directly in the face of certain Scriptural truths 2 Cor , 21 we are new creations, we are the righteousness of God in Him. When you proclaim that you are a hypocrite you discredit everything that Christ did on the Cross for you. Do we make mistakes? Of course we do. We are in Him. And we live by His Grace. If you have a Grace based mentality you will not want to condemn anyone else.

If you have a Grace based mentality then old habits that initially seemed to die hard abate effortlessly. If you have a Grace based mentality you will ultimately experience greater sanctification. Many Christians are acquainted with the negative side of confession. Yet, the Bible has much more to say about the positive side of confession or the Word of Faith. Right thinking results in right believing which results in right living. Thank God for His Grace! May the Grace of the Lord Jesus be with you. Explain this. I would suggest you dwell on this awhile.

His disciples he spent time with of course as they were HIS followers…. The only examples of not associating with non-believers that fall under the new covenant comes from Paul in 2 Corinthians and 1 Corinthians People forget that God is, in fact, a God; so maybe he has people on the same path, just a different way of going about it. I have known many Christians who do good works, yet even more non-believers who did equally the same or more, and never once disregarded someone or refused to form a deeper emotional relationship with them for not sharing their beliefs.

I love Christ. If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today.

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Not only that, but if Paul contradicts Jesus, then Paul is wrong. You are not bringing anyone to God. Amy, You raise a good point. Bring it a little deeper. One cannot be a light if their light is hidden behind a shroud of inner insecurity…such as one who is the least bit concerned about judgemental-ism. That is how you go and sin no more. No more, no less. It was made for our benefit, not for our judgment. The bible being fully coded is like opening up the Never Ending Story and letting it take you on a personalized ride.

Justifying away the power dynamic in the bible. Which reflects itself in abuse statistics. I was an atheist who became a Christian so perhaps I can shed some personal perspective on your comments. But there is truth behind these. For example, the term Lamb of God as a reference to Christ. I argued against the existence of God every time I had a chance to do so and was full of anxiety and lacked any hope.

Yeah I think that is fair. I tried to place my hope in humanism and leaving my part of human potential behind on the world, so in some sense my life mattered in the face of an impending physical death. My thoughts at age Life was to me a senseless ratrace of birth,schooling, career, mariage -possibly children and death.

This did nothing for my sense of hopelessness and impending death and the apparent meaningless existence of humanity. I had little empathy for other people and was drowning in self -centered destruction and dislike for Christianity and Christians were to me simple and I disliked holy people. And then the search began…. That and peace I wanted above all else. We all have gifts and talents and we use those to help others. Man has more power than woman. In many areas sure men have held more power in certain spheres.

Instead of seeing imbalance we see completeness like 2 pieces of a puzzle both valued equally but serving different roles. And Christ put an end to the animal sacrifices. I would argue its not the structure but rather the individuals that make the difference. Because for example child abuse has existed should we then have children raising, teaching and guiding their parents? Why would I not ignore the rest of the Bible where it tells women to be silent and wear veils and provides for their sexual enslavement?

Why would I follow the homophobic and pro-slavery bits? They are preposterous on their face. As for the rest of the list, spot on. You seem like more of a Christian than anyone I ever met in a church. Without the Holy Spirit opening opening our spiritual understanding we remain unable to understand. Christians are sadistic sociopaths.

In fact, because I am not an atheist, I can see Christians for who they truly are. It is really frightening that these terrorist sympathizers have political power. Many people think Trump is a terrible president. Imagine Mike Pence becomes a president. I believe this is what the Founding Fathers intended. Your comments are offensive and not really a response to this article, so I would appreciate you stop insulting the Christians and show respect to our President and Vice-President who never have spoken of any theocracy and are just trying to improve our lives.

You should be happy to live in a Country where there is freedom of speech, which many take advantage because you are not in North Korea, or China or Iran, etc. Electroporation facial machine has cold and hot 2 modes. The Cryo Electroporation skin machine works for wrinkle removal, eye bag removal, and anti-aging. The cold mode Use Cryo cold help sensitive skin shrink the pores.

The Hot: Open pores and help skin absorb essential. The article will be guidance on how to use the machine.

Let’s Stop Pretending Christianity Is Even “Christian” Anymore.

You will learn the Electroporation facial machine price from the article. For anyone to assume that they know how ALL Christians are like or what and how they believe is hypocritical, judgemental, and just plain ignorant. So you may not be a bad person, but you certainly arent doing squat to figure out the problems within christianity, or your abusive God that you worship and serve, eh? So for me I try to concentrate on myself and my own shortcomings. There are enough of those to keep me busy for the rest of my life.

I leave the rest to God. I have no right to stand in judgment of others, that is not my purpose in life. For me I just concentrate on my personal relationship with God and the best way for me personally to do that is not to spend time judging others. In my opinion we should spend less time with trying to figure out other peoples problems and more time on our own.

How can I really love another person without loving myself first or have my own house in order. Every single human being is on their own journey. There is nothing I can do to change that. Hopefully God can help them. There are bad people everywhere. Christians, Muslims, Atheists, etc. Hopefully I can become a better person every day. Your post has made me think about that. I in no way am offended by anyone pointing out the short comings is any so called Christian institution.

Many institution claim the name but have never followed the way. Many preach the way for profit or other motives. All in all the way is spoken and we can make our choice. But if we confuse the message with the messenger we will only see the short comings of the messenger, as Gandhi and the op did. They both start by judging all Christians. Until then you can not really know what tour talking about.

The bad fruit of the messenger is every reason to reject his message. Jesus said a good tree cannot produce rotten fruit. You know, because they called each other brother and sister, and greeted one another with a holy kiss. I have a hard enough time during the greeting time in church. The Christians also got up very early every Sunday and met in houses to allegedly do this stuff. Or so the Romans thought. We gotta get rid of these sickos.

Again, this confirms what we know from Acts. The church started in Jerusalem and spread out in the face of persecution. This is a pretty interesting external confirmation. The reason being is that it confirms they were preaching Jesus in Judea. The very place where Pilate had Jesus crucified.

We know that Christianity spread to Rome early.

How much do you love Jesus? Find out here!

This is because Paul wrote his magisterial epistle to them in 56 AD, a church that he never yet met but longed to see. Peter was crucified upside-down around the same time. So this was probably part of the persecution of Nero. Why would the Romans think this? He did.

11 Christians Killed Every Day for Their Decision to Follow Jesus

But he also told them that if he was persecuted, so would his followers. John Because he claimed to be the way, the truth, and the life — to the exclusion of all others. John , Acts This exclusive message is no more popular now than it is today. In fact, it was probably was even less popular back then. Christians were not saying that Jesus was another god, like Jupiter, Diana or Ares. They were saying that he was the one true God, and everything else was a mere idol.

We learn a lot about Jesus and the early church from just a paragraph. And all this from someone who thought the Christians had it coming to them. It was not to be. The nation newly and fragilely unified, a wary regime saw in the sect a vanguard of foreign imperialism. The last straw was the Shimabara Rebellion of , an uprising of starving, tax-squeezed Kyushu peasants marching under a Christian banner. The Restoration bred a new Japan. Missionary work resumed. Among idealistic young converts of the time was a woman named Mina Ishizaka. Her recollections of her baptism in , written in English years later, convey feelings shared by many:.

My family had ever so many gods in home sic , to worship as many as possible. Ferment and agitation seethed. Ishizaka met her husband-to-be, poet Tokoku Kitamura, at a gathering of young activists campaigning for democracy. I conceived the ardent desire to sacrifice myself entirely for the benefit of the people.

Like another Christ, I would consecrate all my energies to politics. He hanged himself in The old and the new were struggling for the soul of Japan. Samurai values, eclipsed but smoldering, flared as hatred for Yaso Christians.