Soul Food Southern Restaurant Start Up Sample Business Plan!

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Hickson's Soul Food 1. We provide all the southern staples from fried chicken, pork chops, chitterlings, sweet potato pie to corn on the cob and barbecued ribs. With our low start up cost and projected future earnings and expansion we plan on being around for years to come. We have ample parking and our prices are very reasonably. We always strive to make your experience pleasant and our food is made to keep you coming back for more. This will keep our startup costs down. We will position ourselves to become the restaurant you think of whenever you are hungry through aggressive marketing from free sodas to free desserts.

We will participate in most community events to gain name recognition and distribute flyers out in the community.

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My sales team will consist of 4 family members which should control inventory cost. Being situated between two major expressways we feel we have a prime location that is prices fairly reasonably. Our food which, will be delivered fresh will be trucked in from South Carolina by way of Queens to our establishment.

You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. The floured fish fillets, served between two slices of white bread, are doused with enough heat to make your eyes water without burning off your taste buds. Go for traditional catfish, tilapia, or whiting—or choose grouper, which offers a flakier and sweeter base.

Owner Tyrone Bully, who is at the restaurant every day from 6 a.

Restaurant Business Plan

Polish off your meal with a melt-in-your-mouth cornbread muffin. Owner Tracy Gates remembers visiting her grandmother, who would make fried chicken by brining and seasoning it the night before and then frying it to crisp perfection for Sunday dinner. Gates recommends pairing it with candied sweet potatoes that are made with lemon, vanilla, and orange extracts.

Our favorite? The unique Key lime cake with three tasty sweet-and-tart layers topped with white cream cheese icing and dotted with chopped walnuts. Drive SW. It has two locations around the state and one in D. Think fried lobster tail and fried green tomatoes. We recommend the skin-on mashed potatoes with roasted garlic and the simmered collards. To lighten up the side items, most veggies are flavored with smoked turkey instead of fattier meats.

For any meal and at any time of day, consider adding catfish fillets to your order. Locals love them with buttery grits and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

How did you raise funds for your restaurant?

The folks at Country Platter are so hospitable that they often come around offering seconds, free of charge. The tomatoey sauce ladled over the fish has enough kick to make you skip the customary dashes of hot sauce. The star side dish is the grits , which are cooked with Cheddar cheese and surprisingly ranch dressing. The dish is made by filling a butterflied shrimp with a Creole spice-seasoned mixture of crabmeat, mirepoix, and breadcrumbs.

Florida Avenue Grill: Washington, D. Opened in , The Grill survived the Washington, D. The kitchen serves breakfast all day, alongside lunch and dinner items like smothered fried pork chops and baked chicken. These days, the spot serves up even more healthful options, such as turkey bacon and veggie sausage, without missing a beat in the flavor department. Alongside usual items like chicken-fried steak, the menu also includes unique dishes such as chicken and pancakes, Cajun ham breakfast tacos, and peppery smoked wings.

For an offbeat happy hour drink, try the Beet-A-Rita—fresh beets steamed, pureed, and blended with a house-made margarita mix. The warm cobbler arrives under a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with an additional dollop of whipped cream.

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Even if you decide to rent your equipment, will the cost of renting eventually outweigh your profits? Renting for each job adds up. Yeah for you! So exciting, for sure…. Are you going to cater for large events, medium event, small events or a combination of each? Are you only marketing your services via word of mouth?

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Have you thought about advertising? Yeah…I know! For me, I started out small. My first catering job was for people. What I mean by small is I only wanted to start out with catering jobs a year. From there, you can start to come up with a marketing strategy. For me, it was word of mouth and local advertising. And that meets my business strategy for the time being. Onto the fun part!! The menu!! Like seriously, you need your food to taste really good!

The South's Best Soul Food

Or hire a really good chef…but regardless, the food you serve needs to taste yummy. I kinda lucked out in the menu area.

How to write a business plan: free business plan template. Simple outline with 20 planning tips

I have over recipes they can choose from. That approach can be overwhelming though so often times I collaborate with my clients to help them narrow down a theme. Meaning…do they want pasta, chicken, fish, BBQ, appetizers, etc. You also need to set your pricing. Some things you want to think about are food and labor costs. Also, are you going to do a fixed rate or a tiered rate? Personally, I always do fixed pricing which I base on a per-person or per platter basis. But that may change in the future as my business grows.

There are things you have to consider such as markups, overhead costs and accommodations for special diets. If you have to cater for people who have special diet needs, such as gluten free, vegan or dairy free…it can get costly! So get your pricing plan ready! Those 5 items will get you well on your way to researching and asking the right questions to help you determine if you want to start a catering business out of your house. And you know what the best part is? Yeah…that happens a lot! So rewarding! Did you find this article helpful? Catering , Catering Business , Catering Insurance , Catering License , certificate of insurance , marketing , menu , pricing.

Join the growing community of foodie entrepreneurs and learn the seven ways entrepreneurs are funding their startups in Tip: Two of these you don't need to pay back. Powered by OptinMonster. Space You have to ask yourself…do I have enough space in my kitchen to actually cater?

How many times a year do you plan to book your catering jobs? Menu and Pricing Onto the fun part!! Share Tweet Pin.