The Surface Beneath

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In this book, Brad brings together his years of experience, stories from launch events, and content from nearly two-dozen interviews, to tell the inside story of how Microsoft turned around its failing hardware ambitions into a billion-dollar product line as nobody else could.

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If you are a fan of Microsoft and its hardware or want to learn about how Microsoft created it's newest billion-dollar brand, Beneath A Surface is for you. Prior to starting his career in publishing, he worked as a consultant for Fortune companies to help create, implement, and audit financial strategies.

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Beneath the Surface: Researcher 'Portraits'

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Alex Banks – Beneath The Surface (Mesh)

It really is that easy. If anyone expresses sadness or despondency, it triggers an automatic social work consult.

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She never had any red flags. She shook her head no, and then took a deep breath before answering. Friend of my parents.

Scratching Beneath the Surface.

I guess I suppressed it for 30 years … until I was treated for leukemia. And then it all came out. For some, dodging the bullet of leukemia made them cherish their partner and their parents and children even more. I know that patients often put on their best face for me, and try to see beyond that facade.

But I missed it with her. She chuckled. For a while.

The Surface Beneath by Dennis Quiles

The sarcophagus image removes the crowd and disciples, but we do still have an accompanying figure, as in the Ravenna mosaic, with a scroll: the evangelist who tells the story, and who can also somehow be read as a companion within the story. In two of our three images then, the authors of the Gospel texts are brought out of the shadows to stand in the scene, as if they are not so much long-gone writers who remembered what they saw as living storytellers in front of a contemporary audience. As for Christ himself, he is a standing, active figure in all three scenes: the miracle-maker, the healer, and the bearer of divine power.

The Ravenna mosaic asks viewers to see him as not only royal, in terms of his clothing, but also as godly: he has the golden locks of Dionysus Mathews —19, figs 88, 89; Taylor 90— Likewise, the sarcophagus shows him as divine with similar curly hair and good looks.